Thesis bindings


  • seethrough soft covers
  • hard covers

Price of the covers depends on number of pages:

soft covers 3€ (1-100p) ja 4€ (101-… p)
hard covers 5€ and 7€

Price of printing is not included.

Printing price: black and white Color blueprint Color photo
A4 0,07 € 0,40 € 0,60 €
A3 0,16 € 0,80 € 1,50 €



*Two-sided page, double the price.

Changing pages after binding: 2,00€ ( 1-5 pages), 3,00€ (6-15 pages)


We also make non-A4 covers by hand, but these take about a week to prepare.  Some examples.

Thesis file can be sent beforehand in pdf format to In the e-mail let us know how many and what kind of printing You want.

We are located at Munga 3a. Tartu.
For more informatin contact us: tel. 776 5056